Internships for Course Credit for Philosophy Majors and Minors

Internships that make use of the skills and knowledge taught in the philosophy program, such as critical thinking, argumentation, ethical reasoning, communication and aesthetic judgment, can serve as a basis for earning one to three credits in philosophy. To ensure that your internship experience develops your ability to apply philosophical skills and knowledge outside the traditional classroom setting, you will register for one to three hours of a directed readings course that is structured to provide you with the philosophical training and knowledge appropriate to your internship area.

Internships in law offices, non-profit organizations, outreach groups, environmental agencies, public relations, and related opportunities, could all be appropriate. You are encouraged to be inventive about possible connections between an internship opportunity and a philosophical theme. The internship course enriches your educational experience and improves both your philosophical knowledge and your ability to reflect critically on experiences outside the classroom setting. Specific course content is determined by a faculty advisor.  These assignments will typically include reading assignments, writing assignments and an exit interview. The internship is coordinated by the Undergraduate Program Director (John Collins) or the Department Chair (George Bailey).

Generic Learning Outcomes for the Directed Readings Internship Course:

  1. Demonstrate the application of philosophical knowledge in the internship field.
  2. Demonstrate skills in working with others as a member of a team.
  3. Demonstrate skills in expressing oneself orally and in writing by applying philosophical considerations to a selected co-curricular activity.

How Does a Student Arrange an Internship?

Students are responsible for locating their own internships, with the assistance of the Philosophy program. There are a number of local businesses we can suggest that are willing to interview philosophy students for internships. The department will provide advice. Periodically, the department will notify philosophy students of internship opportunities. After having found an internship students should first meet with the Undergraduate Program Director, who must approve the internship for academic credit. The Program Director will propose potential faculty advisors. Concrete assignments will be negotiated between the faculty advisor and the student.

Who is Eligible to do an Internship for Philosophy Credit?

To be eligible for an internship, a student must be a Philosophy Major or Philosophy Minor.